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Artist of the Month!

Michelle Chambers

Michelle Chambers

Michelle Chambers may be new to our island, but her spirit and outlook on life epitomize island living like those who have been here for decades. Read on to learn more about Michelle and to experience life through her eyes.

December’s Artist of the Month is new to Guemes Island, and she has certainly hit the ground running and jumped into island life with both feet. After arriving in June, Michelle Chambers is already volunteering with the Soup-To-Go crew, at the Community Center, and at the church with the community garden. She will also be part of the December 2nd Artist Studio Tour where you can see her work at the Spirit of Guemes Social Injustice Gallery and at Paradise Pottery. She also has stickers for sale at the General Store and original works at Chilly Rain Vintage Clothing in Anacortes.


She has drawn her whole life and with no formal training, her artistic talents are the result of just following what inspires her, which is, according to Michelle, “The moon, the night sky, birds of prey, trees, moss, mountains, and now the ocean, animals, bugs, plants, bodies of water, sunrises, and sunsets. The variety of colors and shapes in life. Spirits and inspiration all around us in what Gaia has to offer. The diversity in Gaia always keeps me awe.” Much of her art represents who she was and is in different portions of her life’s journey including shadow work, reflections on the beauty in experiences that she’s grown through. Her work has also portrayed premonitions of where she is now and where she will go. “I made a mermaid piece over a year ago with islands floating in space before I ever dreamed of oceans and islands being a part of my life.”


Michelle describes herself as “a Midwest girl who grew up valuing nature, color, synchronicities, and creative expressions of all kinds.” She embarked on solo travels with her cat, Huxley, first going to the East coast from Nebraska and then later planning a West coast trip. “The Universe gave me breadcrumbs that led me where I could experience a sense of home, safety, and community after years of not knowing how to move forward in my happiness or where I’d find it.” After coming to Guemes Island on her west coast trip, she took the leap of faith and went back to Nebraska, got rid of most everything she owned and put all she needed in her car and left her past way of living behind. “This island, this community is magic! It helps me believe in the magic in me and inspires creation in all facets.” She is fully realizing her belief that a person really can do ANYTHING!


In addition to all her travels, her life experiences included assisting with the building of a company (The Art of Darts Co) that sold live pet dart frogs, roly-polies (pill bugs), and tropical plants. “I’m no longer associated with this company, but much of my art discovery was during that time and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.” Thus ended her frog phase.


When she’s not creating her art, Michelle is focused on finding peace. “I’ve begun a minimal lifestyle to distill myself and get back to putting life and happiness first. Meditating, spending time outside, traveling, gardening, getting involved in community building, singing, and discovering what I want my life to be.” Michelle is very spiritual –  “lightworker, everything is energy, law of attraction, chakra work, manifestation and trust in self and the universe within and without.” Michelle shared “I haven’t always, but I love being alive, being an energy having a human experience! All that has, is, and will be is as it should be. Fear is an illusion, all there is is love!”

Her professional journey began in 2018 and her work has been shown in a variety of ways from reptile conventions, commission pieces, and tattoo designs to the more traditional gallery-type space. Currently, in addition to the locations listed above, you can find Michelle’s art at:,,,, and She also has commission openings available and can be reached by email at


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