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Tower Arts Studio


"Laugh and Grow Strong" - St. Ignatius


As a child I loved making things with my hands and knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an artist. Throughout my school years I constantly drew cartoons, and went off to college with the intention of becoming a cartoonist and animator. That all changed after taking a ceramics class my sophomore year, and from there I was hooked with learning about new materials/processes and making three-dimensional objects.


After completing a BFA in ceramic sculpture at the University of Kansas, I went on to study life modeling at the Art Students League in New York City, and bronze casting/metalwork in Central Florida. I also work in a variety of other materials, including wood, sheet copper and riveted metal, glass, and wax.


Having always been self-employed, I built my career on commissions, exhibiting and selling my art work through galleries and art shows throughout the United States.


In 1990, wanting to be on the west coast, I left Florida for Seattle, and immediately felt at home in the Pacific Northwest. I moved up to Guemes in 1996, and a few years later built a Mediterranean-styled art space I named Tower Arts Studio a couple doors away from my home. I began offering art classes/workshops at my studio as a way to get to know more people in this area and have been inspired by all of the talented people who’ve taken my classes. I feel fortunate to live and work on Guemes and be a part of such an artistic, creative community.


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