Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Presented by GICCA

“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Rick Norrie

Rick Norrie


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Turning wood is relaxing; it refreshes one’s mind, heart, and soul.

Today, I am an artisan-driven by passion, seized by obsession, delighted by creation, enthralled with expression, entranced by vision, diverted by daydreams, filled with emotion, fueled by compulsion, consumed with beauty, and blindsided by inspiration.

Each piece created is a unique experience for me and hopeful in beholder’s eyes to inject into each a balance of color and form, shape and substance that fully displays the beauty and richness of the tree that tells a story.  Wormholes convey past life, rings communicate growth, and certain colors tell the story of death by lightning or blight.  A story is told by showing rather than talking, lengthening the tree’s life rather than ending.

Between the natural and the artificial, there is a bridge made by fusing the material’s innate beauty with the more modern techniques and designs accentuating splendor.

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