Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Presented by GICCA

“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Renee Norrie

Renee Norrie


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“Trees of Life” symbolize a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health, and a bright future.

At an early age, I was exposed to the world of artistic vision and beauty by my mother, Ria Foster, an artist who operated a fine art gallery in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, representing several artists.


My mother, two brothers, and I moved to Guemes Island in the summer of 1968.   


The Foster family conceived Island International Artist in 1969 to produce and distribute the art for professional printmakers. It was a company that exclusively represented over 40 artists and their work to thousands of galleries and art dealers throughout the United States.  Over the years, I traveled with my mother selling art, produced by Black Raven Press, established by parents Tony and Ria Foster in 1986.  


Upon my mother’s request, Tony custom-built a face-to-face desk for her to make jewelry on.  At the time, I was not ready to be creative, as horses were my passion and still are to this day.


Over the years, I have dabbled in stained glass, intarsia woodworking, needle felting, and wire sculpting. I recently developed “Trees of Life,” combining my wire sculpting with my love for horses. The “Trees of Life” symbolize a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health, and a bright future.  As a symbol of immortality, a tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence, and in this way, the tree becomes immortal.  It is also a symbol of growth, strength, family roots and the deep bonds we share! 



My “Trees of Life” wall hangings are created from standard size horseshoes, beads, and copper wire. 

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