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Randy Reinhart


Woodturning & Collage


"If I paint a wild horse you may not see the horse, but you will see the wildness." -Picasso


Over the years of my trying to express myself artistically I have been intimidated by an internal sense of the difficulty of creating something meaningful to present.


I had an early mentor in woodturning, Mr. Fordham in eighth grade woodshop. There I experienced the fascination of wood turning and the joy of creating “art” just by being present for the process. This Danish Modern style gavel set got an A+ and gave me a love of wood turning that kept a tiny glow inside me until 2017.


On New Year’s Day 2017, I had the opportunity to turn a piece with the guidance of a neighbor. That tiny glow erupted into a wildfire fed by mountains of wood shavings. My interest quickly focused on making big bowls. Lucky to find another mentor in George Way of Anacortes I was on my way with a head full of ideals. Not long after I got going, I was apprised of the fact that wood turning is properly considered a craft not an art. It was too late though, I had morphed into an artist.


Still loving the process of wood turning but temporarily sidelined I have been painting and creating mixed media visual arts for the past year and a half. Now willing and able to enjoy the process, I make art.


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