Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Presented by GICCA

“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Lynn Prewitt

Mixed Media Artist

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The Red Farmhouse

When I left my engineering  job at age 52, I was ready to try something new.  When a friend offered to show me how to make coiled baskets using hemp and waxed linen thread, I jumped at the chance and soon was creating baskets of many shapes and sizes.  Others wanted to learn how so I taught a few classes.  But then it was time to try something else, which was 5” x 8” Soul Collage cards which again resulted in people wanting me to teach them the process. Dozens of cards later I decided to work bigger and began adding acrylic paint, fabric, metal, etc. along with paper images.  


In my art, which is mostly abstract, I try to express what I feel needs to be said by using color and images.  The mixed media process adds the joy and juice of creativity to my life; without it I think I might just dry up and blow away.  


My art reflects my spiritual and artistic growth over the past 20+ years and seems to appeal to viewers on many different levels.  I love sharing my completed work and occasionally offering a class when asked.

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Artist of the Month ★

May 2021

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