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Loalynda Bird


Paperbirds Studio


"A Luminary is one who inspires others, an inspiration to others through their creations."


There is something magical when your creation lights the way in the darkness, makes people of all ages smile and their faces light up! I love inspiring people, creating and bringing joy to others. I also love our planet, and my luminary art shines light on Earth Day as all the wildlife luminaries I create are based on animals that are on the endangered species list. I am grateful for grants from the Skagit Watershed Council to create salmon luminaries; and I feel honored that they have used them in our local libraries along with my swan luminaries to teach children about ecology.


Everyone loves a parade, and our Paper Birds Studio has been lighting up the sky for the past five years at the “Illuminight” walk in Mount Vernon. In addition, the Studio received grants from the Freemont Arts Council in Seattle to create an “Equinox Mermaid” and lead hundreds of people around Green Lake for the “Fall Luminata” in 2019 as well as participating in their 2020 “Virtual Luminata”. 


Thank you, Guemes, for coming out and supporting me by taking luminary classes and helping me establish the annual Earth Day Parade on Guemes Island. It is my favorite gift to give back to this island community that I have loved and shared with my family and friends for five generations.


When it is not luminary season, I love teaching Mandala Rock Painting classes that combine painting rocks with a technique designed to relax your body and mind and release stress through the process of creation. I also plan to start teaching two new summer art classes for adults, teens and children when it is safe to do so.


I look forward to creating with you in the future.


  • Luminary Design Classes (Beginner/ Intermediate / Advanced / Children’s Workshop)
  • Meditation Rock Painting (Teens / Adults)
  • Luminary Parades
  • While I plan to continue to sell art in the future, I also wish to encourage sponsorships and grants by ecological organizations to create luminary designs that may shine light on environmental causes and raise awareness to endangered wildlife. 


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