Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Presented by GICCA

“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Liz Ruest

Digital Collage Artist

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My work investigates our surroundings and how they interact with memory, permanence, change, and regrowth.

I’m a digital collage artist who’s been spending time on Guemes Island since 1993. I use photography, printmaking, and collage to build up digital compositions in layers. By capturing images and layering them with other elements, I create abstracted viewpoints that explore timelessness, familiarity, and recognition.


I’m Canadian, from rural Ontario, based here for over thirty years.  Coming to Guemes Island through the Skagit Valley feels like a return home, though I still delight at the water views! All of these wonderful landscapes show up in my work again and again. 


Since my work is digital, it’s easily rendered on lots of options, which a print-on-demand site like Redbubble is great for. See my designs here.

My digital collages consist of layers that include photography, printmaking, paper collage, encaustic, etc.

Local Galleries:

Lynn Hanson Gallery, Seattle

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