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KS Atlas


"For my part I know nothing With any certainty But the sight of stars Makes me dream." -Vincent Van Gogh


Greetings! It’s Kara Simons, a resident of Guemes since 2009 and a lover of the natural habitats and creatures I live among here.  If you know me you know that kitschy tchotchkes make me inexplicably happy and Halloween is e’rrry day.  I appreciate dark, inappropriate humor and macabre art.  I love glue of all kinds.  I love metal and rocks (music too!), plaster, wax, spray paint, and glass.  Clay lights my fire in every way (shout out to Sue Roberts!) and I continue to be amazed with the versatility this medium offers. 


I have found that creative expression can calm a chaotic mind.  What I love most about art is that it’s accessible to everyone.  Anyone can make it.  Someone will love it.  It’s the ultimate freedom.


I’d say I got the DIY gene from my dad, who gave me a toolbox filled with tools for my sixteenth birthday (thanks, Dad!) and he still helps me fix my equipment when it goes to pieces. 


I’ve come a long way since the days of puffy paint on keds but I’d still rock a pair.  Last year, my marvelous partner, Matt, completed my dream studio.  I am forever grateful for this space and his encouragement to pursue what brings me happiness and growth.


His grandma, Marg, gifted me her antique jar collection which has inspired my pen name, KS Atlas.  Jars make me think of hard work and how good it feels to see them lined up on the counter, full of work!  The contents vary but the satisfaction is the same.  I plan to keep filling those jars and sharing accordingly. 

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