Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko


Ceramics & Photography


"I've had a creative streak all my life."


It is a sweet pleasure to be included in the circle of Guemes Island artists. 


In 2019, I really and truly retired and moved to Guemes Island, a place we’ve been visiting for decades.  I enrolled in Sue Roberts Ceramics Classes (I think it’s a rite of initiation for many islanders) and discovered the pleasure of working with clay.  I love the feel of the clay and am thrilled when something begins to take shape.  Sometimes I have a vision, like a fish platter, and sometimes a frog or silly bird just emerges. 


During the pandemic years, working in the studio has been my salvation.  Working quietly among a small group of people, sharing our stories and finding inspiration, has been the best therapy. 


Frustrated by our inability to travel during this time, I started a series of “welcome” tiles (tiles on red cloth), representing some of the amazing places we’ve been, using images from favorite memories and local words for welcome.


Guemes is a wonderful community and I am thankful to be here, discovering my own inner artist.  

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© Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko