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Rock Painters

Find One. Share One. Paint One.

Share with us!

Bringing happiness and creativity to our beautiful island, one painted rock at a time!


Finding a painted rock truly can brighten your day. Artists of all ages have hidden these little pieces of art for you to find. So keep an eye out when walking along the roads, trails, and beaches of Guemes Island. You never know what kind of beauty you might find hidden among nature.




When you find a painted rock, they allow you to consider… “Keep me or hide me!?” Before you decide it’s fate, please take a photo of your found masterpiece and email it to us to post here. We want to show our island Rock Star artists that their painted rocks have brought joy to your day. Now that you have sent us a photo, you have the choice to keep it forever, for a while, or hide it again for someone else to discover.




Anyone can be a Guemes Rock Star! All you need is a little bit of creativity, rocks, and paint. Once you have painted a rock, send us a picture so we can dub you an official Guemes Island Rock Star! You can of course choose to keep your masterpiece or hide it for someone to find.


*Please remember to be respectful of Mother Nature, people’s property, parks, and businesses. Painted rocks CANNOT be hidden on any Skagit Land Trust property (Guemes Mountain Trail and Kelly’s Point), but CAN be hidden on San Juan Preservation Land (Peach  Preserve). Click here for their official statements.*


Not sure how to get started? Check out the provided links below to help you on your journey to becoming a Guemes Rock Star!

Rock Painting Regulations

*Official Statements*


Painted rocks can only be hidden along the designated loop trail in the Dog Woods. Please DO NOT hide or seek painted rocks anywhere off trail, including along the old logging roads. 

Dog Woods, LLC


After much discussion, the committee determined that leaving painted rocks at any Trust property is inconsistent with our visitor code of conduct (which includes following leave no trace principles on Trust properties)

Regina Wandler
Stewardship Manager, Skagit Land Trust


In general, we are ok with it, under these conditions:

1) Rocks can only be hidden at the Peach Preserve (all other SJPT holdings there are conservation easements on private land, or are fee-owned properties inaccessible to public).
2) Rocks must be hidden along the trail– not off trail.

Kathleen Foley
Stewardship Manager, San Juan Preservation Trust