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Graphic & Web Design


"Creative services for creative people."


Since I was a child, art has been my true passion, igniting my creativity from a young age. Thanks to the unwavering support of my loving parents, who enrolled me in countless after-school art classes, I knew early on that my destiny was to become a professional artist. My journey began when I took my first step into the Fine Arts Program at Western Washington University in 2013. Fast forward to June 16, 2018, when I proudly received my Bachelors of Art degree in Studio Art, specializing in the mesmerizing world of mixed-media.


Driven by my artistic talents, I embarked on a new path after college, transitioning my focus from fine art to embrace the dynamic realm of graphic design and web design. This decision allowed me to continue expressing my creativity while embarking on an exciting career as a freelance graphic and web designer.


With over 5 years of experience in graphic and web design, coupled with more than two decades of honing my skills as a fine artist, I’ve cultivated a profound understanding of the artistry behind creating stunning visuals. My journey has been a testament to my enduring passion for art and design, and I am thrilled to offer my creative services to fellow creative minds.


As a designer, I take great pride in crafting captivating designs that set my clients apart from the crowd. Each project I undertake is infused with my passion and commitment to excellence, ensuring that the final result not only meets expectations but exceeds them. Whether collaborating with creatives, empowering brands, supporting organizations, or partnering with small businesses, my goal is to bring their visions to life through meaningful design solutions and engaging experiences.


  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
    • Logos
    • Posters
    • Business Cards
    • Merchandise
    • and much more!


  • Guemes Island Art
  • Spirit of Guemes
  • Guemes Island Community Center Association
  • Slow Loris Studio
  • Guemes Island Electric
  • Guemes Island General Store
  • Edens Cemetery
  • Guemes Island History Project
  • Guemes Island Community Church
  • Gateway Interiors
  • Chris LeBoutillier Photography
  • Guemes Island Chamber Music Series


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