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Darlene Klister


Firelight Designs


"Creativity is always happening!"


Being a creative spirit has allowed me to experiment with many art forms. A degree in art history and philosophy has shown me the evolution of art, form and function across many applications; studying scientific illustration brought me closer to nature. Starting as an oil painter learning old masters’ techniques, learning and practicing with watercolors, acrylics, mixed media, metalworking (primarily as a coppersmith), and jewelry design have been steps along my creative path.


My creative business, Firelight Designs, was born in an extra room in a house in Spokane, Washington many years ago. I create and sell paintings, jewelry, metalwork, accept commissions, as well as teach in-person jewelry making classes.  Recently added is DragonflyMagicArt Studio, my Facebook group where we explore creativity which is our life.


In early 2023 I received my certificate as a Creatively Fit Coach (CCFC) after a 7 month course. Recent life changing events, and this course, literally changed how I SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE my life and world. My art has exploded in new directions. Through being a CCFC coach I can assist you in rediscovering your creative heart space which may have become lost along life’s path. I currently offer online as well as in person coaching programs and classes, and my free Wednesday “Art Snack” program (sharing art tips, tricks and insights while connecting with and exploring a bit of our inner creative soul in weekly videos) through DragonflyMagicArt Studio.


Although I am living in Wisconsin, I miss Guemes and my wish for the island is to live on as the unique and outstandingly beautiful oasis that it is meant to be.


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