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Earthspirit Studio



My interest in art was sparked by youthful trips to see the dioramas at the New York Museum of Natural History. Later on, in high school, one of my art teachers lovingly let me do what I wanted, allowing me in the art room anytime my other work was finished.


In college my painting professor wisely looked at my work and said, “Don’t quit your day job.” Still,  a sculpting professor’s work entranced me so much that some friends and I persuaded him to introduce his sculpture class into the Wesleyan curriculum. From then on, I was hooked on 3-D and works involving form, space, and texture.


I have always loved bas-relief or “wall hung sculpture.” I started casting in sand molds, bending wire coat hangers and covering armatures with cheap papier mâché. 


I also learned stained glass using bits from old discarded church windows. I worked at the Seward Park Art Studio in Seattle in hand-built ceramic stoneware. I built a dozen 3′ square stained glass windows for the Bellevue Congregational Church, refashioning children’s tissue-paper creations into permanent form.


Recently, each summer I have studied with a Midwest artist at the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth in foam armature work covered with clay-paper reliefs, an adaptation of the traditional paper-crafters medium. 


My gardening design has led me into fantasy gate, trellis creations, and scarecrows.


My recent connections with Burning Man have moved me into body art and costume making.


On Guemes I have expanded into lighted luminaria sculptures.


I have done theater sets, built children’s playgrounds, done landscape design for Bellevue’s Hilton Hotel, and garden design at EarthSpirit Circle and in private gardens in Seattle and Anacortes

*If I can consult or work with you in any of these areas, please contact via email or phone*


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