Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Presented by GICCA

“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Amanda Rose


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“I shut my eyes in order to see.”

-Paul Gaugin

I grew up in Washington, and have loved exploring all that it has to offer. My husband and I met in high school and we’ve been visiting Guemes for the past decade, we even got married here! We have two very active and fun dogs who get us out of the house to find inspiration and adventure in nature.


I received a BA in painting and drawing from the University of Washington in 2008.  After college I worked extensively with fibers, including small scale sculpture in felted wool.


My recent paintings are rooted in my own meditation practice and studies in yoga and Hindu philosophy. Each time I sit down to paint is a ritual I perform for myself to become closer to knowing my truest form. In this flow state is where I cultivate a sense of peace that I hope is then passed on to anyone who views and is present with the piece. I have named this body of work Meditation Pillars in the hope that the practice of meditation becomes more widespread within our culture.

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Artist of the Month ★

October 2021

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