Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

The homepage of Guemes Island Art Initiative: Celebrating art, artists, and creativity—this is what the Initiative, an offshoot of the Guemes Island Community Center Association, is all about. With GICCA’s mission being to enrich and connect the Guemes Island community, artists and art lovers are definitely important to our community. So how exactly did this Initiative come about?

GICCA Board members gathered in 2020 to discuss ways to foster community and build connections amid a global pandemic. What started with the idea that Guemes Island has a long history of encouraging and celebrating visual arts, and shifted to begin to tallying up the number of professional and amateur artists who lived, worked, and owned property on Guemes Island. To the amazement of many, literally dozens of artists fit the bill and with time even more are being discovered.

By fall, the idea of an online “art gallery” came to life as a way for island artists to display and share their passion for art and by doing so, bring visibility to art and artists of all ages on Guemes Island.

What are the elements of this Initiative?

  • is the online art gallery for this creative effort. This new website connects Guemes Island visual artists with those who enjoy art, whether as an active participant or a casual observer.
  • Home Page: a curated gallery of beautiful and exciting artistic pieces created by Guemes Island artists.
  • Artist Pages: each profile page is a unique description of the individual artist’s photos, personal stories, and memorable quotes related to their work. Take some time, browse, and get to know these artists from the comfort of your home. Some art is shared as a personal portfolio, some is for sale, and some are examples of what could be purchased. Please contact the artist for more information.
  • Artist Directory: alphabetical listing of names, art media/styles, and contact information.
  • Art Calendar: chronological listing of art activities such as classes, shows, demos, tours, summer camps, celebrations and other artsy happenings on Guemes Island. Also, any regional happenings that impact the Guemes community such as the Anacortes Arts Festival and the Mount Vernon Luminary Parade. (All subject to change according to pandemic guidelines.)
  • Art Classes: here you can sign up for classes offered by island artists such as glass blowing, ceramics, jewelry making, rock art, and luminary creations. (Again, subject to change according to pandemic guidelines.)
  • GICCA Newsletter Feature: Look for Artist-of-the-Month, art styles, and trends to be featured in each upcoming issue of the GICCA monthly newsletter.
  • Beyond Our Shores: GICCA board members are pursuing partnerships with other local arts organizations. Our first partner, Northwest Art Alliance, offered to feature Guemes Island Art as part of its “Small Communities Connection” in NWAA’s popular newsletter and website in 2021.