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Artist of the Month!

Cathy Schoenberg

With structure as the base, and color and pattern the notes, Cathy Schoenberg makes it all come together to make a beautiful song that resonates.

It is said that ocean waves travel in groups of seven, the 7th being the biggest. With structure as the base, and color and pattern the notes, mixed media artist Cathy Schoenberg is always striving for that 7th wave when it all comes together and makes the beautiful song that resonates. 


Cathy says “My artwork, like my life, is ever changing. I was, and am still, inspired by the incredible diversity and skill of artwork done by all the artists in the past and present. It’s so amazing to see how unique we all are in our vision.” It is her hope that her work inspires others to be creative in their own way as others have inspired her. She started teaching a few years ago and finds it has driven her to practice what she preaches – to be more intuitive and take more chances; to really LOVE the colors, shapes, lines. “Instead of having preformed ideas, I let the idea formulate as I go, resulting in more complexity of color, texture and vibration to the eye and the unconscious. Not really knowing where it will take me can be more stressful, but the end result is more delightful and satisfying.”


The path of Art is a never-ending adventure of discovery. “Every new work challenges me towards, not only a new way of solving problems (and making Art IS about problem solving), but of achieving something I didn’t know I was capable of. It teaches me so much about life: confronting the blank canvas, the keen observations of the natural world, tenacity, learning, learning, always learning. Messing up, trying again.”


Cathy feels blessed that she has been able to keep painting for over 50 years and to be a part of the Art community in the Skagit Valley. She was born in Spokane and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Fort Wright College. She came to the Skagit Valley because she had friends here. Clear Lake, La Conner, and Fir Island were her stomping grounds until 20+ years ago when her sister discovered Guemes Island while searching online from her home in England. “When she came to look in person, I also found my ‘spot’. It was a miracle and I’m grateful every day for that fortuitous chance encounter.”


Besides painting in her studio, Cathy can be found in her garden. She also enjoys hiking and travel. Another chance encounter brought her something that is especially close to her heart, something she “never in a million years would have imagined” which is playing with the Guemes Island band “The Haulouts”. 


If you are interested in purchasing some of Cathy’s artwork, you can find it in person at Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor and Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes or contact Cathy directly at

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