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Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose makes as much of her life a practice of art as possible. She strives to find harmony with what is and live this life in a good way.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso


When Amanda Rose finds life to be heavy and especially challenging, she turns to her meditation practice and her craft to help wash away that dust. “I am a living, breathing, feeling human living in a time when the dire state of our planet and its inhabitants seeps into every aspect of my existence. My art, whether it be acrylic paintings, textile dyeing, or sewing is a ritual I perform for myself in order to create work that brings good, clear energy into the lives of others as well as my own family.”


Her acrylic paintings, meditation pillars as she calls them, are intended to be a focal point in the home that reminds one to sit quietly, to be with their thoughts, even the uncomfortable ones (especially those). They are perhaps works that serve as an altar themselves or as the inspiration around which someone can create an altar space. “I am a firm believer in the power of meditation, and if I can encourage even one person to develop a practice, I feel that I will have contributed to the well-being of our planet.”


After art school, during the crash of 2008, Amanda felt very lost in her making. Questions like “How much time does this take you to make? How much money do you make from each piece? How will you make a living?” really sucked the joy out of making art though it was never lost in her heart. Her return to painting after a long hiatus was inspired by her meditation practice. Art does not need to be a capitalistic practice and once she learned that lesson, her joy in creating what was in her heart returned. Connecting to the divine through sitting in meditation and painting are similar practices. Both are practices in which we seek truth and equanimity… Both have become a ritual for her. Inspiration comes from every which way, and she tries to keep her eyes and ears as open as possible.


Amanda grew up in Washington. Her husband’s parents chose Guemes Island as a place for a vacation home and from her first visit she was hooked.  After fifteen years of visiting the island she and her husband, Henry, recently moved there from Ballard. Coming from Seattle, she would feel a dramatic change in her nervous system as soon as they’d drive off the ferry. The peacefulness, the quietude, being close to the Salish sea one minute and deep in the forest the next – this island is heavenly. “I love watching the seasons here; winter is my most favorite. Guemes is an oasis for this city-weary soul, and I am thankful I get to live here.”


When she is not creating her art, you can find Amanda spending time outside. Some of her favorite activities are sitting on her porch sipping coffee or taking her two buddies for a long beach walk. She has two boisterous Aussie retrievers who rule her life and who she loves very much. Additionally, she loves sharing food with friends, reading before bedtime, and making every attempt to bake the most delicious pie that she can. She married her high school sweetheart here and they feel so grateful to have found this home and community to be a part of. When they’re not absorbing all that Guemes Island has to offer, they also like to take road trips to explore the wonderland that is the Pacific Northwest. 


Amanda has taught yoga and movement classes in the Seattle area for the past 6 years and practices yoga and dance in her living room. She someday hopes to return to teaching. For now, she is available for private and small group sessions. 


Amanda and her work is very inspirational and if you’d like to buy some of her art to help you start your journey of self-discovery or simply to add a stunning focal point in your home, you can find her work on her website or by contacting her directly.

Instagram: @Amandaroseart

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