Presented by Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA)
“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Presented by GICCA

“Enriching and Connecting our Island Community”

Below is a directory of artists and associated businesses with direct connections to Guemes Island through living, working, or property ownership.

Look for artist’s pages in the future with names marked with 2021

*This information may be used to contact artists directly about commissioning art or direct sales.

It may not be used for any other purpose. Please be respectful of our artists!*

Artists: To update your listing, please email with DIRECTORY in the title


Bob Anderson

Ceramics, Costumes, Stained Glass


Sam Barr

Traditional Coast Salish: Carving, Painting, Drums


Cyn Baumert

Multimedia Glass Work


Beacon Glass Studio

Glass Blowing, Instruction


Loalynda Bird

Luminaries, Painted Rocks


Susan Brendon

Jewelry, Home Décor


Heidi Brewer-Peters (2022)

Weaving, Collage, Beadwork


Arden Charles

Painting, Assemblage


Nathalie Cushing

Sketching, Photography


Julie deRouche

Pottery, Jewelry


Les Eelkema

Repurposed Metal & Wood


Laura Ferguson (2022)

Jewelry, Painted Rocks


Firelight Designs

Jewelry, Mixed Media, Instruction


Andy Gladish (2022)



Chase Graham

Graphic Design, Web Design


Libby Hale

Needle Felting


Tom Hancock

Wine Barrel Furniture


Marietta Harrigan

Oil paint, Pastel, Pencil


Cynthia Heft (2022)



John Hurd



Hummingbird Farm

Floral Design, Watercolor


Darlene Klister

Jewelry, Mixed Media, Instruction


Mary Lascelles



Chris LeBoutillier

Wildlife Photography


Devon LeBoutillier

Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Art


Jessica Lynch

Screen Printing, Illustration


Kit Marcinko

Sculptural, Mixed Media


Donna McCord

Blown Glass, Photography, Nature Art


David McKibben

Wood Turning


Ann Mendershausen (2022)



Allen Moe

Sculpture, Painting, Textiles


Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko

Ceramics, Photography


Renee Norrie

Wire Sculpting


Rick Norrie

Wood Turning


PaperBirds Studio

Luminary, Painted Rocks, Instruction


Clyde Petersen

Digital Art, Filmmaker, Sculpture


Cedar Petrick

Floral Design, Watercolor, Ceramics


Sally Peyou

Macro Photography


Lynn Prewitt

Mixed Media


Randy Rinehart

Wood Turning, Collage


Sue Roberts

Ceramics, Sculpture


Rebecca Rodman

Violin Making


Amanda Rose

Painting, Drawing, Fiber Arts


Liz Ruest

Digital Collage


Arlo Rumpff

Screen Printing, Illustration


Terre Scappini

Rock Painting



Cathy Schoenberg

Paint, Mixed Media


Chris Shuman

Painting, Photography, Jewelry


Slow Loris Studio

Screen Printing, Illustration


Carol Steffy

Watercolor, Raku, Sculpture


Sharon Steinbis (2022)

Drawing, Painting


Tower Arts Studio

Ceramics, Sculpture


Janice Veal (2022)

Watercolor, Ceramics


Missy Walsh-Smith (2022)

Watercolor, Sketching


Kathy Whitman

Watercolor, Sketching, Ceramics


Tim Wittman

Wood Sculpture, Ceramic Sculpture